A visit to Caragh Nurseries
is an adventure and we guarantee you’ll find treasure.

Because we have a large range of trees and plants and we’re not a flash garden centre, we don’t have to charge garden centre prices. We also have a much larger range especially of the larger plant material.

But how do you get those big plants home? Of course this is the reason why garden centres don’t sell those big trees and plants, but we can organise to get them home for you and if required we can arrange to plant them for you too.

We pride ourselves in providing plants that you won’t find every day. We’ve some wonderful specimens and there are some things on the nursery that even we don’t know are there! At Caragh Nurseries we love growing and it shows because those who come out to us usually come back time and time again and bring their friends.

Word is spreading that you can always find a great deal and a wonderful experience at Caragh Nurseries.

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