Trees are our first love and most of our fields are dedicated to the propagating, grafting, budding and growing of trees.

The trees in our own fields are mainly deciduous and traditional favourites with a few modern twists thrown in. Beech, birch, oak, maples, Limes plus many, many more and a range of varieties within each species. Some upright, some for smaller gardens, for avenues, for shelter, for a play place for the kids whatever your requirements for a tree within your space we have it.This is just a small selection and if you don’t see what you’re looking for please do contact us.

We can advise on spring interest, on autumn colour, we have evergreen trees and we have a range of the most spectacular specimens with cubed heads, with roof forms and espaliered forms trees.
Prunus Kanzan

Prunus Kanzan / Flowering Cherry

A popular hardy double flowering Cherry tree with an abundance of bright pink double flowers with an eventual height of around 6 metres.  The leaves uncurl in a deep bronze colour turning green to orange in the Autumn.

10L  pot     175-200cm tall      €25.00


18L  pot     200-250cm tall      €45.00

35L pot        10-12cm girth    €70.00

More sizes available soon

Prunus Royal Burgundy

Prunus Royal Burgundy / Red flowering Cherry

An amazingly attractive tree with its contrast of deep wine foliage setting off the deep pink blousy flowers in the Spring.  In Autumn the leaves turn a very deep Scarlett before they fall. Not a big tree but has medium spread making it an ideal specimen or feature tree.

10L pot   175-200cm tall    €25.00   

18L pot    8-10cm girth     €45.00

Prunus Shirotae / Mount Fuji Cherry

This Japanese Flowering Cherry is grown for it's wide spreading, slightly arching branches covered in white, fragrant flowers mid-Spring. Green leaves in Summer turning orange to red in Autumn. Small but wide tree, a favourite of mine.

Bareroot   6-8cm girth      €25.00

Bareroot   8-10cm girth     €30.00

10L pot    175-200cm tall       €25.00

18L pot    200-250cm  tall      €45.00

35L pot   10-12cm girth      €70.00

Prunus Taihaku

Prunus Taihaku / Mount Fuji Cherry

The Taihaku has the largest flowers of any Cherry, the stunning single white flowers follow the pale pink buds that cover the slightly arching wide spreading branches. The foliage starts bronze in the Spring turning deep green in the Summer to shades of yellow to orange in the Autumn. The bark is also an extremely attractive coppery-red glossy and peeling. The height and spread are usually at the same rate.

10L pot   175-200cm tall    €25.00

Bareroot  6-8cm girth     €25.00

Bareroot  8-10cm girth   €30.00

18L  pot  200-250cm tall   €45.00 

Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis

Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis / Winter Cherry

Autumnalis is an elegant, small spreading Cherry that unusually flowers in the Autumn into Winter with a beautiful, unseasonal show of white double flowers.  Its leaves are small and turn a yellow in the Autumn but its flowers are a worthy addition when the garden is at it's bleakest.  This tree is a stunning specimen 

25-30cm girth     airpot    €300.00

Quercus robur

Quercus robur / Irish Oak

A wonderfully rugged and very handsome deciduous tree providing a rich habitat for other plants and valuable source of food for wildlife. Ultimately a large tree with a broad head of spectacularly spreading branches filled with small clusters of catkins each spring- followed by masses of acorns attractive autumn tints of bright yellow and russet brown. Ideal for larger gardens and open spaces.

 Coming soon as freshly potted 

Quercus Robur Fastigiata 

An upright version of the Irish Oak  

4-4.5m tall    20-25cm girth feathered    €320.00

5 - 5.5m tall  20-25cm girth standard     €360.00

Quercus rubra

Quercus rubra / Red Oak

The Red Oak is very similar in large growth and habit to the Irish Oak with it's toothed leaves and Autumn acorns.  Its leaves turn a deep scarlet red in the Autumn with a stunning display.  It's mature height can be in excess of 14 metres so consider carefully when planting this giant of trees.  I have planted one of these in my own garden as the ideal tree for a tree house due to its stature.

Coming soon as freshly potted  

Robinia Pseudocacia

Robinia Pseudocacia / Black locust tree

The less popular but, in my opinion just as beautiful, version of the Robinia. The pseudocacia has deep lime green foliage with long white clusters of flowers in late Spring and early Summer. It has a medium growth habit and a beautiful shape that makes it an ideal feature tree and the immediate size of the beauties make them ideal for instant impact. 

20-25cm girth    Airpot    €250.00

25-30cm girth    Airpot    €300.00 

Sorbus aria Lutescens / Whitebeam

The Whitebeam is a medium sized tree, upright when young but spreading with maturity. Beautiful Silver foliage in the Spring turning a greeny grey.  Creamy white clumps of flowers and  then orange red berries. A good option for widlife in the garden, the birds will love these berries and the bees and butterflies love the pollen.

10L pot         175-200cm tall   €25.00

18L pot        200-250cm tall    €45.00


Sorbus Cardinal Royal

Sorbus Cardinal Royal / Rowan Cardinal Royal

An ideal urban tree for small gardens or green areas, it grows to approx 10metres tall and has a conical shape requiring little or no maintenance. Its white flowers against green slender leaves give way to white flowers and then clusters of bright red berries another favourite for our birds.

8-10cm girth   bare-rooted   €30.00

18L pot    8-10cm girth   €45.00


Sorbus Majestica

Sorbus Majestica / Majestic Whitebeam

Majestica is a medium sized deciduous with large elliptic leaves which have a silver white underside, it bears small clusters of creamy white flowers in late Spring and shiny red berries in Autumn.   Like all Sorbus or Rowan trees it is a great addition for birds, bees and other wildlife.

18L Pot    8-10cm girth    €45.00

More sizes available soon 



Sorbus Sheerwater seedling

Sorbus Sheerwater seedling / Rowan Tree

A medium sized tree with an upright habit, it has fine leaves of blue green turning yellow in the Autumn. Creamy white flowers in the Spring to Summer making way for the majestic clusters of glossy red berries in the Autumn.   Moderately fast growing with that upright habit makes them ideal for a smaller garden.  

18L  pot    8-10cm girth     €45.00

More sizes available soon