Trees are our first love and most of our fields are dedicated to the propagating, grafting, budding and growing of trees.

The trees in our own fields are mainly deciduous and traditional favourites with a few modern twists thrown in. Beech, birch, oak, maples, Limes plus many, many more and a range of varieties within each species. Some upright, some for smaller gardens, for avenues, for shelter, for a play place for the kids whatever your requirements for a tree within your space we have it.This is just a small selection and if you don’t see what you’re looking for please do contact us.

We can advise on spring interest, on autumn colour, we have evergreen trees and we have a range of the most spectacular specimens with cubed heads, with roof forms and espaliered forms trees.
Laburnum watereri Vossii

Laburnum watereri Vossii / Golden Rain Tree

Familiar in late Spring this stunning golden yellow display brightens up many a garden with it's lavish dispaly of extermly long display of yellow flower clusters.  It is not a big tree but does gain plenty of width as it matures.  Prefers a sheltered, sunny position.

10L  pot    175-200cm tall    €25.00 

Liriodendron Tulipifera / Tulip tree

Liriodendron Tulipifera / Tulip tree

The Tulip Tree is an unusual tree with beautiful shaped leaves that have a eucalyptus scent and in maturity it has small pale green tulip shaped flowers. In autumn the foliage turns a lovely red/yellow and then reveals a corky bark

18L     6-8 ft tall    €45.00

Malus Evereste

Malus Evereste / Crab apple

This beautiful crab apple is covered with white flowers in spring. The flowers open from red buds. In autumn, it gives another show. At this time, the tree is covered in red-flushed, orange- yellow fruits. 'Evereste' is an excellent tree for smaller gardens.

10L pot  6-8ft tall  €25.00                                                    

More sizes available soon   

Malus Golden Hornet

Malus Golden Hornet / Crab apple Golden Hornet

This is a small deciduous tree that has a neat, slightly tapered head that flowers beautiful but quite small white flowers in the Spring but has a fantastic display of deep yellow fruits in the Autumn which last well into the Winter.

10L pot   175-200cm tall   €25.00


 Malus John Downie

Malus John Downie / Crab apple John Downie

This beautiful crab apple is covered in pink buds in early spring that open into a huge display of white flowers. In Autumn it has an abundance of orange to red large fruit that is perfect for making jams and jelly. It's an easy to keep, small tree.

10L pot   175-200cm tall     €25.00  

More sizes available soon


Malus Red Sentinel

Malus Red Sentinel / Red Sentinel Crab apple

A medium sized deciduous Crab apple with single white flowers in the Spring with clusters of red cherry like berries in the Autumn which last until Winter (or the birds get them) 

10L  pot   175-200cm tall      €25.00

Malus Rudolph

Malus Rudolph / Crab apple Rudolph

A fantastic little tree; pink buds open to deep red flowers in the Spring with bronze red young leaves that turn green with red veins.   In the Autumn the red-orange fruit is long lasting through to the Winter.  Prefers a sunny, sheltered spot. Eventual height of around 6metres.  It's rare to find specimens of this size available as the growth on these trees is slow.

16-18cm girth      airpot    €225.00

18-20cm girth     airpot    €250.00

Morus Alba

Morus Alba / White Mulberry Tree

The White Mulberry is an edible fruiting tree of medium height, fast growing and fruits within it's infancy. The fruit is thought to be one of the great superfoods thought to reduce cholesterol as well as being high in fibre.  The fruits are red- purple and with a slight tang but really delicious. The fruit does not keep and should be eaten straight away. These trees are fruiting and self fertile so planting just one is fine.  These are fine specimens and will have an abundance of fruit from this summer 

25-30cm girth    airpot      €300.00      

35-40cm girth   airpot      €350.00


Parottia persica Vanessa

A slow to medium growing tree with a dense crown, grown especially for its stunning crimson and gold autumn colour. Clusters of crimson stamens appear in early spring.  'Vanessa' is a more upright version of the Parottia species with a straight trunk and oval crown, making it a great tree for avenue planting but in any location you can appreciate its stunning colours. 

This is a very large specimenof this highly sought after tree

285L pot    4-5m tall        €750.00 

Platanus acerfolia

Platanus acerfolia / London Plane

A large decidious tree growing to 25-35m tall, with a large, thick trunk. The bark is usually pale grey and smooth, the leaves are large and similar to a maple and stiff textured. It is an exceptional street tree and liked by councils.

18-20cm girth   Rootballed   €200.00

Prunus amanogawa

Prunus amanogawa

The Amanogawa Cherry is a small, fastigiate with a lightly fragranced display of pale pink double flowers in Late Spring. The green leaves turn orange to red in the Autumn.  Perfect for a small area or garden.

10L pot    175-200cm tall    €25.00

More sizes available soon