Trees are our first love and most of our fields are dedicated to the propagating, grafting, budding and growing of trees.

The trees in our own fields are mainly deciduous and traditional favourites with a few modern twists thrown in. Beech, birch, oak, maples, Limes plus many, many more and a range of varieties within each species. Some upright, some for smaller gardens, for avenues, for shelter, for a play place for the kids whatever your requirements for a tree within your space we have it.This is just a small selection and if you don’t see what you’re looking for please do contact us.

We can advise on spring interest, on autumn colour, we have evergreen trees and we have a range of the most spectacular specimens with cubed heads, with roof forms and espaliered forms trees.
Acer Crimson King / Red Norway Maple

Acer Crimson King / Red Norway Maple

The Norway maple is a fast-growing tree, eventually quite large but easily pruned to confine its spread for many years. It is a handsome species, spreading to make a satisfying rounded crown and sufficiently robust to be grown in exposed positions, even as a windbreak. The foliage of 'Crimson King' is quite dramatic, dark reddish brown when young, becoming crimson purple for the rest of the year.

Bare-root  6-8cm girth  €25.00  (Nov-Mar only)

Bare-root  8-10cm girth €30.00 (Nov-Mar only)

18L pot    8-10 feet tall   €45.00

35L pot   8-10cm girth  €70.00



Acer Drumondii

Acer Drumondii

The Drumondii Maple is a medium growing lime green/yellow variegated leafed tree.  It has a medium growth habit with an eventual height of 18-22ft tall. A fine looking tree with interesting foliage and a lovely round crown.

Bare-root  6-8cm girth  €25.00  (Nov-Mar only)

Bare-root  8-10cm girth  €30.00  (Nov-Mar only)

18L pot 8 - 10 feet tall   €45.00

Acer Leopoldii / Leopolds Maple

The Leopold Maple is a striking tree with fabulous colouring, the young leaves start a pale pink colour and then turn a creamy green colour with irregular golden yellow spots. It's leaves are large and has an eventual height of around 14m tall.

Bare-root  6-8cm girth   €25.00  (Nov-Mar only)

Bare-root  8-10cm girth  €30.00  (Nov-Mar only)

35L pot  8-10cm girth  €70.00

Airpot   18-20cm girth  €185.00

Acer Princeton Gold / Maple Princeton Gold

A medium sized Maple with a striking Lime to yellow colouring that would brighten up even the dullest corner. A hardy Maple that is not fussy as to it's position or soil, fast growing with a lovely shaped head.

Bare-root 6-8cm girth   €25.00  (Nov-Mar only)

Bare-root  8-10cm girth  €30.00  (Nov-Mar only)

18L pot   8-10 feet tall   €45.00

Acer Negenia

Acer pseudoplatanus Negenia / Negenia Sycamore

The Negenia Sycamore was developed as a more uniform urban Sycamore variety.   It has a beautiful conical shape and is extremely tough making it a good option for exposed areas and coastal positions.  Its dark green leaves and large, robust habit make it ideal for avenue planting. Not suitable for paddocks near horses as the seeds may be poisonous to all equine animals.   

12-14 feet   Rootballed     €60.0  (Nov-Mar only)

14-16 feet   Rootballed     €75.00  (Nov-Mar only)

16-18 feet   Rootballed   €100.00  (Nov-Mar only) 

18-20 feet   Rootballed   €125.00  (Nov-Mar only)

Airpot   16-18cm girth      €185.00

Airpot   20-25cm girth     €250.00

Airpot  30-35cm girth     €300.00

Please do contact us directly to get an idea of the size & span of these Mature trees 


Acer Saccharinum

Acer Saccharinum / Silver Maple Multstem tree

The Silver Maple is a vigorous, deciduous tree with deep palm shaped leaves and a silver/white underside.  Autumn foliage is red/yellow and Spring flowers are yellow/green before the foliage returns. It's habit is more upright than most Maples, eventual height is 12 metres and it does like more free draining soil and wouldn't be great in a really shady spot.     

The trees I have are multistemmed specimens and are beautiful 

200-250cm  Rootballed     €80.00  (Nov-Mar only)

250-300cm  Rootballed     €100.00  (Nov-Mar only)

120L pot  250-300cm tall  €150.00

250L pot  500-600cm tall €350.00  

Aesculus hippocastanum / Horse chestnut

Aesculus hippocastanum / Horse chestnut

The Horse Chestnut is a superb tree with lots of advantages. It will grow in any soil, is absolutely huge, and has wonderful white flowers at the end of spring, running into early summer, when it is definitely at its best. The flowers are followed by masses of conkers inside their spiny shells. There are alternatives but this species is still the best, and it has been given the Award of Garden Merit (AGM) by the Royal Horticultural Society

18-20cm girth       Rootballed    €125.00  (Nov-Mar only)

20-25cm girth       Rootballed    €170.00  (Nov-Mar only)

20-25cm girth      Airpot for year round planting   €225.00


Alnus cordata

Alnus cordata / Italian Alder

A large, vigorous deciduous tree with rounded green leaves and long, up to 10cm, catkins. Its a great tree for a shelter belt and isn't particularly fussy as to its soil. The Italian Alder grows in excess of 12metres high in eventual height and can take an exposed position.     

20-25cm girth    airpot grown for year round planting     €225.00

25-30cm girth  airpot           €250.00

Amelanchier Lamarkii

Amelanchier Lamarkii / Snowy Mespilus

The Amelanchier lamarkii is a delightful small tree with a maximum growth of 8-10 metres and a stunning Autumn foliage and display of white flowers in the Spring.  Its ideal for gardens as its fine in most soils and is virtually disease free.

4L potted trees    100-120cm  height   €12.50    

Betula Jacquimontii

Betula Jacquimontii / Himalayan Birch

Betula 'Jacquemontii' is a distinctive upright tree noted for its dazzling white stems that look good all year round even when the foliage has gone. Fresh green summer foliage turns rich gold colour in the Autumn. Although beautiful as a specimen tree these beautiful trees are excellent to create an avenue effect of in groups of 3 or 5 in an impressive bed. The wispy, light foliage makes it ideal for underplanting as it lets a good amount of light through.

Bareroot  6-8cm girth    €25.00  (Nov-Mar only)

Bareroot  8-10cm girth  €30.00  (Nov-Mar only)

18L pot  200-250cm tall      €45.00 

50L pot  6-8cm girth standard tree  €90.00 (180cm clear stem before head) 

18-20m girth    Airpots for year round planting   €150.00

18-20cm girth    Rootballed    €250.00        (Nov-Mar only)

Airpot  20-25cm girth   €185.00

160L  25-30cm girth  €225.00

Please do contact us to get an idea of the size, shape & span of these mature trees                                                                                                          

Betula papyrifera

Betula papyrifera / Paper Birch Tree

The paper Birch bark birch is a decidious tree with an upright conical shape with a very distrinctive white peeling bark trunk making it great for winter interest when the garden is looking very bare.  Its green dappled leaves turn yellow in the Autumn months  Medium sized growth habit

14-16cm girth    Rootballed   €75.00   (Nov-Mar only)

16-18cm girth   Rootballed   €105.00  (Nov-Mar only)

18-20cm girth   Rootballed   €175.00  (Nov-Mar only)

Betula pendula

Betula pendula / Silver Birch

The silver birch is a graceful and attractive tree with its light airy foliage and distinctive white peeling bark. It has been an inspiration to writers, poets and artists in every season throughout the centuries.

It is native to Ireland and its striking bark colour is one of the main reasons that the silver birch has become a widely planted garden tree

1L   90-120cm tall whips       €3.00

10L  200-250cm tall            €25.00

150-175cm   bareroot         €10.00  (Nov-Mar only)

175-200cm  bareroot          €12.50  (Nov-Mar only)

35L  8-10cm girth      €70.00

14-16cm girth  Rootballed  €75.00  (Nov-Mar only)

16-18cm girth  Rootballed  €105.00  (Nov-Mar only)

20-25cm girth  Rootballed  €250.00  (Nov-Mar only)

25-30cm girth  Rootballed  €300.00  (Nov-Mar only)

Airpot   25-30cm girth    €185.00

Airpot  30-35cm girth    €300.00

Please contact us to get an idea of the size of these mature trees