These really are items that you will not find in your local garden centre, they are really quite spectacular and make a great addition to your garden and worth every penny to give your garden structure and a wonderful basis for the smaller items.

Acer campestre

Acer campestre

Field Maple trees shaped into a cube as a standard tree. The cubes are kept clipped at 1.4m cubed, they are on 25-30cm girth stem and the cube starts at 2.25m height. Amazing looking we put six of these at the front of a four star hotel that we landscape and they are a wonderful focal point.

Airpot  €635.00
Acer pink dwarf.jpg

Acer palmatum Pink dwarf

Acer palmatum Pink Dwarf has stunning young bright pink leaves in spring, turning green with yellow tones, and then bright red to orange in autumn, striking as they show on the green background of older leaves.

30L pot with 150-175cm upright plant     €195.00

Acer palmatum Stella Rossa

Acer Palmatum Stella Rossa or Red Star

Stella Rossa' translates to Red Star.It is decidedly weeping, delicate and graceful. The foliage emerges bright red in early spring holding the bright red color well into summer before turning darker red and eventually burgundy. While it may be a little slower growing than many of the dissectums it holds its bright red color into the Autumn.

We have 3 sizes of this Japanese Maple

7L pot       upright 100cm size plant       €60.00

25L     1/4 standard 45cm stem with 60-80cm head  €98.00

35L   90cm stem with 80-100cm impressive head  €165.00

Acer dissectum Garnet / Japanese Maple

Acer dissectum Garnet / Japanese Maple

This pretty small specimen tree has feathery dissectum leaves in a deep Garnet colour that turn a spectacular scarlet in the Autumn.

This smaller specimen is at 100-125cm that falls in a half standard manner weeping to create a waterfall effect.

18L Potted at    €98.00 

Acer Emerald Lace .jpg

Acer dissectum Emerald Lace

This beautiful Japanese Maple has red tinted shoots onto which fine light green leaves unfold in spring turning to emerald green with occasional delicate red edges in summer, then turning to an amazing deep purple-red burgundy with tints of orange in autumn. Beautiful specimen plant with a softly rounded crown

35L pot with an upright plant at 150-175cm tall     €195.00

Acer Atropurpureum

Acer dissectum Atropurpureum

A medium sized tree that will grow over time but slowly so is ideal for a smaller garden as a stunning feature as it has lovely bushy habit and the stunning dissected leaves.

This amazing specimen is a full, wide, weeping habit 1/2 standard so has a 90cm clear stem with a huge 200-250cm wide head. It is mature and so in a 180L pot and this really is a one off                   €900.00

Acer palmatum Fireglow

Acer palmatum Fireglow

Fireglow is an upright Japanese Maple with the most beautiful colouring in the Spring, more of a deep red than some of the more Purple varieties, it's leaves are very thin and can appear almost translucent making it stunning in the morning sun.  It grows larger than most of the Japanese Maples getting to 12 foot after about 8-10 years.

This amazing specimen is in a substantial 180L pot at 200-250cm tall  €600.00  (2 only available)    

Acer palmatum Inaba Shidare / Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum Inaba Shidare / Japanese Maple

This stunning dark wine red Japanese Maple will turn to a rich orange in the Autumn. It has the typical dissectum leaves on lighter pink stems creating a beautiful effect and still giving interest in the winter when it has no leaves. A real showpiece in any garden. We have several sizes and shapes

7L pot   upright plant with lovely shape               €60.00

25L pot   45cm stem with a 60-80cm wide head   €98.00

35L pot   90cm stem with 80-100cm wide head   €160.00


Acer palmatum Orange Dream

Acer palmatum Orange Dream

This faster growing, more spreading Japanese Maple has a stunning colouring of orange green leaves striking against the traditional darker colours of the Japanese gardens, the colouring turns yellow in the Autumn months. It is an ideal specimen tree that grows up to 3 metres tall with a similar spread.   This particular specimen is in a 30L pot with a height of 175-200cm 

Potted   €195.00



Acer palmatum 'Viridis

Acer palmatum 'Viridis

A traditional green fine leaved Japanese Maple that is still highly regarded as a strong, fast growing variety. Its leaves start yellow green in the Spring turning deep green through to yellow gold in the Autumn.

This is a large, impressive specimen in a 100L pot and has a 90cm clear stem with a large head. 

There are 2 matching available at €630.00

Jelly Palm .jpg

Butia capitata / Jelly Palm

For all palm lovers here is one of our favourites -

Butia capitata is a variable, single-trunked feather palm from South America that has proved to be reasonably tolerant of cool, wet conditions, displaying some winter hardiness without damage. It typically has greenish grey-blue, strongly arching leaves with their leaflets held in a pronounced V shape, giving the palm a particular grace and elegance.

70L pot   150-175cm tall & wide     €300.00

180L pot  250-300cm tall & wide  €660.00

Camellia Parachute form .jpg

Camellia Japonica Parachute form

Camelias are evergreen shrubs with glossy, leathery leaves and showy flowers with solitary or clustered flowers early in the year, a great staple to any garden but these parachute forms are simply stunning and look especially good when planted on its own or in a simple row with uplights making the twisted stems come to life below the rounded head.

130L pot with twisted stems below a rounded parachute style head with a total heiht of 200-250cm   €900.00


Carpinus Betulus Tuscany Form

The Tuscany form is a name that is given to a tree that has been shaped in a natural way, it has character and the Carpinus betulus or Hornbeam tree lends itself to this natural shape. Although the Hornbeam is decidious it does hold onto its copper leaves and therefore its shape even in the winter, making this a less expensive option.

This particular specimen is 140-160cm tall is in a 45L pot and had 7 -8 balls winding up its stem     €300.00

Carpinus betulus Pyramidalis

Carpinus betulus 'Pyramidalis'

Similar to the Carpinus Fastigiata but grown specifically in a pyramid shape. Lovely for a formal, structured garden or someone who prefers a little more structure in their garden.

250-300cm    Airpots for year round planting   €125.00

110L pot   300-350cm    specimens   €350.00

Carpinus betulus-1

Carpinus betulus-1

Hornbeam tree trained to form a columnar head similar to the cubed head but longer and slender, very elegant option and the benefit of Hornbeam is that like beech it retains its dormant leaves giving wonderful colour and some cover through the winter months. 2m stem with a 25-30cm girth and a head measuring 2.5m high and 1m x 1m column.

Airpot    €635.00
Castlewellan Gold Spirals

Cupressocyparis Leylandii Castlewellan Gold Spirals

This is a Spiral shape cut from an evergreen conifer with golden foliage, through the spring and summer, slightly darker in the winter. which looks striking when trimmed, Leylandii Castlewellan Gold is a great architectural feature.

Very dense foliage, which keeps its shape well and are fab as these spirals planted at a door or entrance to the garden or in a row making the most of its shape in repetition.

18L pot   100-120cm tall     €95.00

30L pot  140-160cm tall      €135.00

55L pot  200-250cm tall      €220.00

110L pot  250-300cm tall    €360.00

Castlewellan Gold Pom Pom

Cupressocyparis Leylandii Castlewellan Gold Pom Pom

These Pom Pom shaped forms have been clipped to shape over a number of years and again make a great architectural feature int he garden.  The foliage keeps its shape extremly well and as such makes them ideal to be cut in this shape

18L pot   100-120cm tall    €95.00

30L pot   120-140cm tall   €135.00

45L pot   140-160cm tall  €150.00

30L pot   160-180cm tall   €210.00 

Castlewellan Gold 5 Ball

Cupressocyparis Leylandii Castlewellan Gold 3 & 5 balls

Just like the Spirals & Pom poms above these shaped Castlewellan Gold, shaped into 3 or 5 ball shapes in a vertical.

35L pot    160-180cm tall    3 ball     €135.00

285L pot  350-400cm tall    5 ball     €750.00

Castlewellan Gold Bonsai

Cupressocyparis Leylandii Castlewellan Gold Bonsai

Again just like the 3 above shapes these bonsai form trees are simply stunning & require a good deal of work to get them to this shape but now will stay in shape well with a slight trim each year to keep them tidy

45L pot   100-150cm Tall Bonsai   €300.00


Cupressus sempervirens pyramidalis / Italian Cypress or Pencil Cypress

These are the classic & elegant Italian Cypresss, Tall, evergreen & architecturally stunning.

Is tolerant of most sites in Ireland although it does prefer a sunier spot with well drained soil.

Will grow up to 12m tall over 15-20 years.

We currently have a number of sizes available all year round 

12L pot  125-150cm tall      €45.00

25L pot  200-250cm tall       €65.00

45L pot  250-300cm tall      €150.00

130L pot  350-400cm tall   €300.00

 And a rather interesting standard tree with a clear stem to 2m 

130L pot    head begins at 2m and total height is 4.5m with an 18-20cm girth stem                    €390.00       

Fagus sylvatica

Fagus sylvatica

A purple or green beech frame from the ground to 3m in height forms a solid screen that will block a view or give you amazing privacy 1.6m wide, this is an extremely mature specimen that has been grown and trained into this shape.

Airpot   €950.00