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Evergreen Oaks

This week we seem to be inundated with requests for large evergreen trees for screening & privacy & which trees are the best for this purpose.  We have several trees that we recommend but undoubtedly our favourite option is the Quercus Ilex. the Evergreen Oak or Holm Oak as it is also known. 

Quercus Ilex is a native of Mediterranean countries, but it has been grown in and are now thought to be a native of Ireland. It has dark green foliage, that is similar to the Holy or Ilex giving it the name, all year round with yellow catkins in spring producing acorns in autumn.

The timber is hard and long-lasting, used for joinery, stakes and for charcoal. This oak tree won the Award of Garden Merit in 2002 and is surely one of the most majestic of evergreen trees grown in this country.

If left to its own devices Quercus Ilex forms a large tree with a densely rounded habit although its most popular form is that of a standard tree with a columnar shaped head (shown below)

Quercus ilex.jpg

It is surprisingly versatile, being suitable for coastal plantings, topiary and as stilted hedging. Holm Oak trees also tolerate shade and air pollution. Suitable for parks and gardens but thriving best on free draining soils.  

The Evergreen Oaks being just that makes them ideal for screening & privacy in the form as shown above in a column shape on a standard stem of approx 2m with a head depending on the girth and age of the tree of around 2m+ in height (Making 4m+in total) just like the ones shown which are in excess of 5m on a 20-25cm girth stem. a stunning mature trees & screening plants.

Some of our specimens here 


The Quercus Ilex is also ideal in a bush form from the ground and also as an espaliered tree creating a screen on a single stem, again around 2m in height with a flat frame of around 1.8m in height and 1.5m wide like the ones shown in the image below, perfect trees for privacy.

Quercus Ilex espalier.jpg


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