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I have just had a walk around the nursery to see what stock still needs putting online and the list is as long as my arm, so I'm going to be spending this lovely weekend photographing and measuring all the trees and plants especially the specimen and mature trees, hedging and plants to get them all up online, like these new Evergreen Oaks, evergreen trees above and lots of espalier trees, instant hedging, hedging and specimen trees for screening and larger flowering plants and shrubs like amazing Magnolia (pictured below), Evergreen Magnolia and lots and lots of trees from 10ft to 20ft+

We have got 9 (yes just 9) amazing Prunus serrula, the peeling bark Cherry, Which we can never keep in the nursery long enough to grow mature but we had these 9 hidden away and have them lifted at 5m+ in a 20-25cm + size, those definitly won't be hanging around long enough even for me to get them up online.

Our espalier frames in Evergreen varieties like Photinia Red Robin, Evergreen Oak, Ligustrum amongst others are all ready looking very full and again are all going out as quick as I can get up online so do call or email and we can tell  you about any items we have. These are great screening plants.  

In addition to our standard 2-3 year fruit trees we also some more mature trees and some candelabra cordon shaped trees (image below) all of which are very reasonably priced. 

Lastly I need to get all the more mature flowering plants up on the website like the large agapnthus, Hydrangeas and some large Rhododendrons that are just about to flower .

This is only a small amount fo the New Stock and it will all be going up on the website, in the meantime if you are interested in any of these or  similar items then phone / email or call in to the nursery Our opening times are here and our Opening over the Easter weekend is here 

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Published 07 April 2017
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