Going, going......bare-root trees & hedging  Gone !

UPDATE The bare-root season has ended for another year and we can not supply plants bare-root again until October/November. 

The bare-root season is coming to an end although we still have a few items in stock but you'll have to be quick, we are still happy enough for some items to be planted still for the next couple of weeks but stocks are running very low

Here are some items that we still have in stock and over rides our bare-root hedging and bare-root trees pages until we can update them all over the next 2 weeks.

Here are some of the bare-root hedging plants still in stock - get them quick as we will be potting them soon (and then they can't be sold for several months until the roots are established)



Beech hedging 60-90cm € 1.00        

Beech hedging 90-120cm € 2.00                                                                                                                

Purple Beech hedging 60-90cm € 2.50                                                                                                    

 Purple Beech hedging 120-150cm €4.50                                                                                             

 Box hedging 25-30cm € 2.50                                                                                                                      

Box hedging 40-45cm €4.50                                                                                                                    

 Hornbeam Hedging 60-90cm €1.50                                                                                                        

 Red Dogwood 60-90cm €1.50                                                                                                                    

Whitethorn Hedging 40-60cm 45c


And a few of our bare-root trees that we still have in stock before they are potted for late summer sales. Some excellent prices to round off the season

Pink flowering Cherry 8ft tall €25.00      

Mountain Ash Joseph Rock 10ft tall €35.00                                                                                                                                    

Maple Leopoldii 10ft tall €35.                                                                                                                                                           

Silver Birch 10ft tall €15.00   

Italian Alder 10ft tall €15.00            

Purple Beech 16ft tall €75.00                                                                                                     

Upright Cherry tree 8ft tall €25.00

These bare root trees & hedging will only be available for two weeks max so don't miss them.

For some of our mature and semi-maure trees here and for some of our Rootballed offers here 

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Take a look at some of our Stunning Specimens 



Published 30 March 2017