A trip around the nursery in Pictures

On this lovely Saturday morning we had a quick walk around the nursery, come with us and see what we see as scoot around.  Just a small selection of everything we have on the nursery right now but it gives you a snapshot of what to expect.  I will move onto the larger trees and also some individual trees and their sizes & prices next for anyone interested in more specifics

_MG_0421.jpg  _MG_0231-694387-edited.jpg

   The front of the nurser showing box balls & topiary                     Further down, spirals, palms & standard evergreen trees

_MG_0288-971966-edited.jpg   _MG_0263-868223-edited.jpg

  Large shrubs and espalier trees                                                   The small glasshouse with some specimens at the door 

_MG_0231-694387-edited.jpg  _MG_0308-919360-edited.jpg

More spirals, standard evergreen oaks & evergreen Magnolia      More topiary and large specimens 

_MG_0248-826997-edited.jpg  _MG_0110-748444-edited.jpg

Our top yard with large specimens & olives & loads of pots               Standard coned trees look good agast the sky   

_MG_0238-724301-edited.jpg  _MG_0250-537181-edited.jpg

       An overhead view of the entrance to the nursery                            And the first beds against the train 

  _MG_0284-603259-edited.jpg      _MG_0316.jpg

      Espalier trees, large shrubs and cubed                              Lots & lots & lots of decicious trees in all sizes 

              head and cylinder head trees 

Take a trip down to Caragh, we are just 20 mins from the M50 and worth the visit to see the premier range of specimen trees & plants in Ireland 

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Published 30 September 2017