Not thought of as the most interesting part of the garden but probably the most widely purchased item.

A hedge defines your property and is the first thing people see when they approach your home or business. A hedge can give you privacy and can be much more attractive than a wall or fence.

Again the different options are endless with evergreen hedges being popular for year round cover but other hedges can still give you that too. Again I have put together a selection of what we consider our best hedging plants with a few interesting ideas thrown in for good measure and if you can’t see what you want please call us for a price

Thuja Emerald

This easy to grow, deep green hedging trees are an extremely popular option  for a medium sized privacy screen.  Emerald Green Thujas are exceptional performers, adaptable to a variety of soil conditions and weather extremes.This doesn't have any ugly browning in even the coldest of winters, meaning no unattractive dead spots or holes like some conifers.  Plant every 3 foot for a screen, mature height of around 10feet so easy to manage.

5L pot          60-90cm              €10.00

Rootballed       175-200cm tall     €55.00

Rootballed       200-250cm tall    €75.00 

Thuja occidentalis / White Cedar

Another Thuja that would grow slightly slower again and would not be as tall eventually but does a great job at screening, with its dense but softer foliage. Light pink tiny flowers at the ends of the branches followed by bronze cones int he Autumn

Rootballed  200-250cm tall  €75.00


Thuja plicata / Western Red Cedar

A great alternative to Leylandii, it's slower growing but still makes a great screen as it is a dense deep green and its leaves arch gracefully.  It can be cut well in the Autumn and unlike the conifer you can be quite harsh with this and it will grow back nicely and not leave woody areas.

Rootballed      200-250cm tall     €75.00