Not thought of as the most interesting part of the garden but probably the most widely purchased item.

A hedge defines your property and is the first thing people see when they approach your home or business. A hedge can give you privacy and can be much more attractive than a wall or fence.

Again the different options are endless with evergreen hedges being popular for year round cover but other hedges can still give you that too. Again I have put together a selection of what we consider our best hedging plants with a few interesting ideas thrown in for good measure and if you can’t see what you want please call us for a price
Buxus Sempervirens

Buxus Sempervirens / Box

Common box makes a fabulous formal hedge forming a dense, evergreen screen of small, rounded, lustrous, dark green leaves. One of our favourite plants in our own garden designs, it's an excellent backdrop for traditional herbaceous borders. Box is happy growing in a sunny spot but the combination of dry soil and full sun may encourage poor growth and leaf scorching.

2L pot                15-20cm tall          €3.50

2L pot                30-40cm tall bushy  €6.50

Carpinus betulus

Carpinus betulus / Hornbeam

Vivid green catkins in March, followed by clusters of green fruit, and toothed mid-green leaves turning orange and gold in autumn. Hornbeam is an excellent native hedge, very similar in appearance to beech but unlike beech it tolerates wet, clay soils and responds well to pruning, making it perfect for training as a formal hedge.

Sold out 

Cotoneaster cornubia

Cotoneaster cornubia

This is a vigorous, semi-evergreen tree or shrub. It can be grown as a hedge screen or as a tree. It grows to around 7 metres tall and year round interest, dark green leaves, white clusters of flowers at mid summer and masses of red berries in Autumn and the leaves turn yellow.   Fantastic tree for screening 

10L pot    175-200cm tall     €25.00


Cupressus Castlewellan Gold / Castlewellan Gold Cypress

A large evergreen conifer with a rich golden yellow foliage and similar to the leylandii it has a great purpose for a windbreak, noise reducer or an excellent screen. This hedge will grow up to 30 feet / 10 metres so do plant carefully.

2L  pot     80-100cm tall       €3.50  

Cupressus Leylandii / Leyland Cypress

More commonly just known as the Leylandii, this fast growing, evergreen hedge makes a great screening hedge for those who want a good height on a small budget.  It is much maligned as it becomes unmanageable and costly if it is not kept at a suitable height but it is excellent windbreak or as a noise reduction aid. Regular clipping is essential.

2L pot     80-100cm tall         €3.50

4L pot     100-125cm tall       €6.50

18L pot    175-200cm tall     €35.00

35L pot    300-350cm tall     €65.00 

110L pot  400-450cm tall   €165.00

Escalonia Donards seedling

Escalonia Donards seedling

Colourful fast growing evergreen with small, glossy, dark green leaves. Masses of saucer-shaped pink tinted white flowers from June to October. An excellent for seaside areas but not suitable for cold positions exposed to cold drying winds. Can be grown and kept as a lovely flowering hedge.

2L pot     60-80cm tall    €3.50

Fagus syl. Atropurpurea / Copper or purple Beech hedge

A fantastic looking hedge when it reaches maturity, slower growing but worth the wait for this beautiful deep purple leaved hedge that turns a stunning copper colour in the winter, retaining a good proportion of it's leaves to ensure some winter cover.  Not suitable for heavy or water logged soils 

All bare-root Sold out 

We will have potted plants available very soon

Fagus sylvatica

Fagus sylvatica / Beech

Splendid with green leaves that turn a rich copper in autumn. It does make a superb hedge, retaining the brown leaves through winter and only loosing them when the new foliage appears in spring. It will make a lovely formal hedge that also acts as an excellent windbreak. 

It is slow growing so a little more patience is required but definitely worth the wait. Beech can be planted bare-root in the winter an ideal time to plant and this also keeps the cost of the plants down. 

2L pot                   80-100cm tall   €2.50

Additional sizes of potted plants will be available soon


Fuchsia Ricartonii

The Fuchsia is a hardy shrub which can make a stunningly impressive but informal hedge.  It has crimson & dark purple flowers on its twiggier stems of small leaved foliage. This plant loves the wet conditions so is really at home here in Ireland! 

2L pot    50-80cm tall        €4.50 

4L pot    50-80cm tall       €7.50 

Ilex aquafolium

Ilex aquafolium / Holly

Lustrous, spiny, dark green leaves and long-lasting, bright red berries from autumn to winter. It will thrive in any moderately fertile, well-drained soil in sun or partial shade. Wonderfully evergreen and the most traditional image of Christmas. Ideal for pruning for arrangements and wreaths.

2L pot             40-60cm tall     €3.50


Ilex Golden King / Holly Golden King

Th Golden King Holly is contrary to it's name a female Holly with a faster growing habit than most and a fabulous conical shape. It has deep glossy green and golden variegated leaves and it produces an abundance of deep red berries in Autumn. A fantastic specimen that can be grown as a hedge but can also be grown into an amazing specimen 

2L  pot    40-60cm tall       €5.50

35L pot   175-200cm tall   €110.00