Fruit trees and bushes are back as an essential part of the garden being both wonderful flowering specimens and producing a food product – bonus! During the winter months the fruit trees are mainly what we sell and in the spring bushes and the potted trees.
  • Cox's Orange Pippin apple tree

    This upright but spreading tree has an abundance of white flowers in the spring that mature into delicious juicy apples in October. The M26 rootstock that this fruit tree is grown on grows to around 9-10 feet eventual height which is plenty big enough to have a great crop while still being able to harvest the fruit.  This tree is a group C which needs a similar flowering period tree to successfully pollinate, we do also have Cox's self fertile if you only wish to have one tree. 

    Bare-rooted     2 year old  5 foot     €15.00  

  • Malus Bramley Seedling

    Cooking apples tolerate heavier, wetter soils than dessert varieties, and are well worth growing for winter use from store. Varieties are grafted on rootstocks which affect the size and vigour of the tree, and may be trained in a number of different shapes. 'Bramley's Seedling' is a hardy vigorous tree that is triploid, meaning that it needs two other varieties for good pollination. It crops more heavily in alternate years, which is referred to as biennial.

    Bare-rooted    5 feet tall  2 year olds      €15.00

  • Prunus Damson

    Self Fertile Damsons very popular large damson, Season of use is early September - cooking plum. It is a heavy cropper and easy to harvest. Position full sun for best results, tolerates most soil types, well draining

    7.5L  5 feet tall   2 years old  €15.00

  • Prunus Morello

    Morello is a dark sweet dessert cherry bred in Europe. It is dark red with reddish flesh and sweet tart flavour. The large fruit is exceptionally crisp and firm and more crack and split resistant than most sweet cherries. It ripens late in the season and must be pollinated by another late blooming sweet cherry such as Sunburst and Stella.

    7.5L  5 feet tall   2 years old  €15.00

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