Fruit trees and bushes are back as an essential part of the garden being both wonderful flowering specimens and producing a food product – bonus! During the winter months the fruit trees are mainly what we sell and in the spring bushes and the potted trees.
  • Malus Bramley Seedling

    Cooking apples tolerate heavier, wetter soils than dessert varieties, and are well worth growing for winter use from store. Varieties are grafted on rootstocks which affect the size and vigour of the tree, and may be trained in a number of different shapes. 'Bramley's Seedling' is a hardy vigorous tree that is triploid, meaning that it needs two other varieties for good pollination. It crops more heavily in alternate years, which is referred to as biennial.

    7.5L  5 feet tall  2 year olds €15.00

  • Malus Champion

    This tree's fruit is attractive, extra-large sized, deep red, juicy, and crisp. Keeps for a long time. Harvest time is October. Careful early annual pruning and shaping insures healthy and productive trees. Pollination is required for fruit production. A good candidate for cross pollination is Gala.

    7.5L  5 feet tall 2 years old  €15.00

  • Malus Elise

    Elise is a tangy, crispy apple with a highly decorative appearance. This apple has a refreshing taste. Its skin is red with a yellowy-green shadow. It should be harvested from the end of September. It has yet to be grown in large numbers so is not widely available well worth trying.

    7.5L pot 5 feet tall  2 year old  €15.00

  • Malus Gala

    Gala, also known as ''Red Spur''. These dwarf patio Apples have an upright non-spreading habit. They will produce delicious full sized fruit in the
    first year after planting and grow no larger than 1.5-1.8m.
    This a self fertile variety.

    7.5L  5 feet tall 2 year old €15.00

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