The title covers quite a wide variety of plants including herbaceous, spring and summer bulbs, bedding plants, wildflowers, and some flowering shrubs and roses.

Because this covers such a range of plants only a small selection have been detailed here as usual if you don’t see what you’re looking for then please do contact us or call in.

Heuchera Palace Purple

Palace purple forms a dense mound of metallic bronze purple leaves with tiny pale pink flowers in the early summer months. Great for the front of a border with it's striking colour.  

2L pot     €4.50

Hydrangea King George

King George is a medium sized deciduous shrub with glossy green leaves and large round mophead flower heads in mid to late summer. The blooms are rose pink in an alkaline soil but will turn bluer in acidic soil. Prefers slightly shadier position, up to 5ft tall.

2l Pot    €4.50

3L pot  €6.50

5L pot   €8.50 

Hydrangea Red Baron

A deciduous compact shrub with large rosy red mop head blooms in the late summer, can look bluer in more acidic soil. Its deep foliage opens up in late spring and the blooms are produced in July - September  up to 4 ft tall.   Prefers not to be in a full sun position 

2L pot    €4.50

3L pot   €6.50

5L pot  €8.50

Hydrangea serrata Blue Bird

The bluebird is a lacecap type Hydrangea with ovate leaves, turning red in autumn and lacecap pale lavender blue flowers surrounded by pale pinky blue florets

2L pot   €4.50

3L pot   €6.50

5L pot  €8.50

Kniphofia / Red hot poker

Kniphofia / Red hot poker

Tall, bright and imposing, kniphofias lend height, vibrancy and drama to any garden. It produces bold spikes of coral-red flowers from summer through to autumn and is a little shorter than many cultivars, so is more suitable for smaller gardens. For maximum impact, plant in bold clumps in humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil, against a background of tall ornamental grasses, or as part of an exotic planting scheme. An easy and undemanding plant.


Lavender angustifolia 'Hidcote' / English Lavender

Lavender is actually a low growing shrub native to the Med. Hidcote is a very reliable compact selection great for an unusual low hedge or formal border of the bed, instead of box hedging. It's grey green foliage and dark violet flowers. 

2L pot    €4.50 

Lavender Munstead / English Lavender

Lavender is a low growing shrub native to the Mediterranean, the fragrant flowers and foliage make it a favourite in both herb gardens and herbaceous borders.

Munstead is a compact variety with grey green foliage and bright lavender Blue flowers, lavenders like well drained soil and benefit from being pruned well in early Spring, around St Patrick's Day. 

2L pot    €4.50    

Lavender Provence Blue

This variety of the cottage garden favourite excelled in trials. Plants and flowers are very uniform producing a mass of flowers in deep blue shades that rise to 50cm tall.   Like all Lavender they benefit by being pruned by 5-6 inches on or around St Patrick's Day.  Preferring free draining to sandy soil.

2L pot    €4.50  


We have a good selection of Lupins so have bunched them all together, these tall spires of flowers are an unforgettable sight in the late spring to early summer. Flowers range from white through to deep purple and every colour in between with several two tone varieties. The benefit greatly from being deadheaded to encourage new growth as the flowers can be quite short lived.

Lupin Chandelier   - yellow shades

Lupin My Castle  - brick red shades

Lupin Noble Maiden - Two tone yellow and white

Lupin The Govenor - Two tone Blue and white

Lupin Russell Mixed - a range of apricot bronze to deep dark red colours 

2L pots     €4.50    

Nepeta Six Hills Giant

Nepeta Six Hills Giant

Catmint is a traditional sunny border plant, large and very hardy. It has grey-green foliage, covered all summer in masses of short spikes of lavender-like flowers which attract lots of bees. Once established, the plant is fairly drought-tolerant. The foliage is very aromatic and, when crushed or bruised, releases a strong lemony scent, hence the popularity of the plant for edging paths.

2L  €4.50

Perovskia Little Spire

Perovskia Little Spire / Russian sage

With its aromatic, silver-grey leaves and upright spikes of tiny, violet-blue flowers, Russian sage makes a wonderful companion to all kinds of late-summer ornamental grasses and perennials. Planted en masse alongside a path, where the sage-like fragrance of its leaves can be appreciated, or try it alongside other silver-leaved plants, or in swathes in a sunny border. It can also cope with dry, chalky soils and coastal conditions.

2L €4.50

Rosa Albertine

Rosa Albertine / Rambling rose

Fabulously fragrant, fully double, light salmon-pink flowers on reddish-green stems in June and July and mid-green leaves. This vigorous rambling rose is perfect for training over an arch or pergola or a large sunny expanse of wall. A popular and reliable variety, the strongly scented blooms make excellent cut-flowers.

2L €4.50