The title covers quite a wide variety of plants including herbaceous, spring and summer bulbs, bedding plants, wildflowers, and some flowering shrubs and roses.

Because this covers such a range of plants only a small selection have been detailed here as usual if you don’t see what you’re looking for then please do contact us or call in.
Agapanthus Peter Pan

Agapanthus Peter Pan

This is a stunning dwarf variety of African lily, the light blue flowers throughout the summer on 30cm/1ft stems that form amazing clumps. It's tough and thanks to it's height doesn't break in the wind or under it's weight. 

4L €10.00

Allium Globemaster

Allium Globemaster

This stunning variety of the flowering onion plant has huge violet to purple round globes that are a prefect addition to any border or can also be grown in pots to show off their 60-80cm stems.

2L  €4.50

Delphinium varieties

Delphiniums really are the starts of the Spring border, deeply cut leaves with very tall spikes of an abundance of flowers. Grows up to 1.5m tall and comes in a variety of shades below

Delphinium Astolat   - Pink shades with darker centre

Delphinium Black Knight  - Deep dark blue with black centre  

Delphinium Camelaird  - Lavender with white centre

Delphinium Galahad  - Pure white 

Delphinium Guinevere - Lavender pink

Delphinium King Arthur - Royal purple with white centre 

All 2L pots    €4.50 

Dicentra spectablis / Bleeding heart

One of the most popular plants for the herbaceous border that burst into flower in mid to late Spring with arching stems that hold or dangle an abundance of heart shaped globe deep pink attractive flowers that do fade within a4-6 weeks to leave a mound of light green leaves.

4L pot     €6.50   

Digitalis Elsey Kelsey / Foxglove

This is a unique selection of Foxglove with spikes of white flowers each heavily spotted inside with maroon throat.  They burst into flower from May giving a fantastic early show of colour that can last for several months. Plants may need to have some staking or support to protect them from heavy rain & wind.    Approx 120cm tall 

2L pot    €4.50 

Digitalis Foxy / Foxglove

Foxy is a slightly shorter version of the stately herbaceous border favourite, its stems of coloured spires of flowers grow to around 75cm tall/ just over 2 ft. It comes in a mixed range of colours ranging from cream through to deep pink. Works better in amore open space due to it's lower height.

2L pot    €4.50    

Digitalis Purpurea / Foxgloves

Digitalis Purpurea / Foxgloves

Tall spikes of deep-pink or purple tubular flowers, maroon-spotted inside, in June and July. Foxgloves are native wildflowers and are a magnet for bees and other beneficial pollinating insects, they're perfect for a wildlife or woodland garden.

2L €4.50

Eryngium Blue Glitter / Sea Holly

Blue glitter adds stature to the perennial border and makes a great cut flower wither fresh or dried. The silver blue stems produce an abundance of spiky pincushion flower heads around 90-100cm tall/ approx 3 ft.

2L pot   €4.50   

Fuschia ricartonii

Fuschia ricartonii

'Riccartonii' makes a very impressive flowering shrub with a prolific show of small flowers with a dark purple 'skirt' beneath the crimson 'wings' on its mass of twiggy growth. It is a very good choice for those who don't like the showier, blowsier fuchsias with more flamboyant shapes and colours. It can be grown to the back of a border, or be used as an informal summer hedge or divide, This is ideal for Ireland where it thrives on the high rainfall and high humidity.

2l  €4.50

Heuchera Crimson Curls

Heuchera Crimson curls is a great clump forming version of the Heuchera, it is compact and long flowering with deep burgundy leaves with a lighter crimson contrasting underside with light cream tiny flowers that rise 6-8 inches above the foliage. Great for adding colour to the front of the border 

2L pot     €4.50

Heuchera Frosted mint

Heuchera Frosted mint

Heuchera ‘Mint Frost’ is a wonderful foliage plant, with lovely mint green and silver leaves in the summer, and multicoloured leaves in the spring and autumn. In the autumn, the green and silver leaves turn earthy shades of orange, marmalade and peach. These leaves remain through the winter months.


Heuchera Marmalade

The Heuchera range of plants is great for adding colour towards the front of the bed or border, the Marmalade Heuchera leaves vary in shade from bronze to peach and is grown mainly for the foliage it's flowers are very small and are mid brown in the early summer months. Grows low and clumps well along the border edge or in a pot. 

2L pot   €4.50