Have a look and see what you can find at Caragh Nurseries.

All you’ll see at the enterance is a house, don’t be put off you’ll be surprised at the size of the place, come along in and when you get to the back, the place opens up into a very large nursery. We have parking at the reverse of the office – come in we don’t bite!

Call into the office if you don’t see anyone around straight away, the nursery covers such a large area that we may not always be at our ‘desk’. Have a look around until we reach you or call the mobile number to let us know you’re there. Very little of our stock is inside so do make sure that in the winter months you bring boots or wellies and rain coats. We are a production nursery so do look out for any machinery. Feel free to wander at your leisure just call in the office first and we’ll give you a stock and price list and this will ensure that our nurserymen know that you’re there. We will check from time to time if you need any help and make sure you don’t get lost!

Once you’ve decided what you want we can accept all payment types, cheques, credit cards, or of course we can also accept hard cash!!! We can then organise delivery for you if required and give you advice on planting and upkeep of the plants and trees.

We look forward to seeing you soon….

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